Friday, September 13, 2013


TGIF!! Since Fridays are meant to be fun and happy, the Friday blog features will be "freestyle"... 
meaning we'll share whatever cool, fun, nifty, outrageous, or otherwise interesting things have caught our eye this week.

Painted Rock Garden Markers... last week we featured Garden Marker Spoons, this week it's rocks! This caught our eye because it's such a fun, quick project... you could even do it with the kids! Make finding the perfect rocks part of the adventure, or cheat and pick up a bag of rocks at Lowes. We won't tell.

Our interest strangely piqued by the idea of rock painting, we found a few more gems to share. We're not sure what the purpose of these stunning tiny art works could be, but they're pretty and unique enough for that to be their purpose anyway.

Love cats, but have terrible allergies and/or hate cleaning a litter box? Why not try a rock cat? Cat rock? Either way, it's pretty cool and we think it would make an amazing conversation starter.

Til next week! As always, if you spot something great that we might want to share, leave it in the comments!!